Multi-Family Loan Program

Avid Commercial’s Multifamily Loan Program provides apartment and multifamily loans for purchase or refinance. Loan balances approved between $500,000 and $10,000,000 for performing projects in stabilized communities.

Brent Allenbach

Principal , Golden Spike and Saddleback Harley-Davidson

I was having problems with a bank that didn’t understand who kept them in business.  I was introduced to Avid Commercial who stepped in and began working magic.  They were able to find me another lending institution which re-worked my debt and give me the necessary capital to keep my dealerships moving on the right track.  Avid Commercial is professional, customer centered and has close relationships with dozens of lending institutions.  Their expertise and market position makes them the perfect business partner when you are looking for financial capital, re-financing your business or real estate assets, or just getting sound financial advice. I would recommend Avid Commercial with the highest level of confidence.

General Terms/Guides
  • LTV’s up to 75%
  • Loan amounts between $500M and $10MM
  • 3,5,7, and 10 year fixed rates
  • 30 year amortization
  • 1.25 debt service ratio
  • 700 FICO
  • MSA of 20,500 or greater