2019 Commercial Business Loan Trends

At Avid Commercial, as a leading commercial business lender, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest industry developments. Having our finger placed firmly on the pulse of market temperature and borrower trends equips us to best serve our clients, delivering customized and robust lending solutions to business owners in every industry and across every vertical.

We are already watching a few of 2019’s business loan trends and how our clients are leveraging the benefits of these financial strategies to:

Maintain Ownership Of Business

One of the biggest ways we’re seeing our customers tap into the power of a commercial mortgage in 2019 is to retain complete ownership of their business. Raising outside funding or selling shares in your organization means relinquishing some percentage of ownership. However, commercial mortgages allow entrepreneurs to maintain total control of their organizations.

Benefit From Property Appreciation

Rather than enduring the terms of renting a facility, today’s business owners are using commercial mortgages to own the property outright. Much like residential properties, commercial properties typically increase in value over time, allowing owners the opportunity to reap the advantages of appreciation and positive gains on return. This increase in equity can be leveraged in a multitude of ways to further grow your business operations.

Increase Company Cash Flow

In 2019, executives are tapping into the power of commercial lending for improved and accelerated access to cash flow. At Avid Commercial, we work with customers to design financial strategies that help them achieve their corporate goals and objectives without digging too deeply into their business bottom line. Our flexible repayment schedules allow borrowers to use this influx of capital for a myriad of initiatives, such as growing their operations, expanding their offices, and developing new products.

Optimize Tax Benefits

Using a commercial mortgage offers the property owner tax benefits as well. The interest paid on the loan (as well as any maintenance or reports you make to the property) is tax deductible, allowing business owners to minimize their overall tax burden and boost year-end profitability. Additionally, borrowers can also claim property depreciation as a deduction, further driving tax advantages and increasing access to cash flow.


Are you looking to use a commercial business loan to expand your operations? We can help. Contact Avid Commercial today to discuss your lending needs with our team of experienced financing professionals.

Finally, if the lessee is using the capital from the SBA 504 loan to acquire real estate, the company must occupy at least 51% of the total space to be bought.

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