I was having problems with a bank that didn’t understand who kept them in business.  I was introduced to Avid Commercial who stepped in and began working magic.  They were able to find me another lending institution which re-worked my debt and give me the necessary capital to keep my dealerships moving on the right track.  Avid Commercial is professional, customer centered and has close relationships with dozens of lending institutions.  Their expertise and market position makes them the perfect business partner when you are looking for financial capital, re-financing your business or real estate assets, or just getting sound financial advice. I would recommend Avid Commercial with the highest level of confidence.

Brent Allenbach

Principal , Golden Spike and Saddleback Harley-Davidson

Brian at Avid Commercial called us out of the blue to sale us on his commercial loan program. The timing couldn’t have been better as we were looking to refinance our loan with our current bank. Avid was great to work with. Being a small business themselves, they understand that doing a commercial loan isn’t the most convenient thing for a business owner to focus on. With that in mind, they let us progress at our pace, but always made sure we knew what was outstanding, and where we were in the loan process.

Ultimately I’m glad to have worked with Brain and Avid Commercial. They gave me a very competitive loan I won’t have worry about for a long time. It’s nice to work with a company that shares our values of hard work, responsiveness, and giving the customer what they want. Way to go Avid!


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Brian and Avid Commercial on multiple loan scenarios. From an SBA 504 out of state purchase, an in state expansion, and a refinance of our main office, to a 2nd out of state property we’re in the process of locating.

Brian and Avid Commercial made the process as easy as possible by keeping us up to date on where our loan stood through the underwriting and closing process. That’s not to say we didn’t have our share of issues, including some environmental concerns we overcame, but being able to communicate with Brian directly helped us overcome everything and ultimately close our loans. I’d recommend Brian and Avid Commercial to any business or property owner for their commercial lending needs.


It’s been my pleasure to work very closely with Avid Commercial as their SBA504 liaison. In my experience, Avid understands not only how to manage their customers, they know how to properly process, underwrite, and submit information into the CDC.

Ken Rosenthal

I’ve been on the SBA side of a number of commercial loan projects with Avid Commercial. My experience with Avid has always been positive. They are responsive, hardworking, and knowledgeable in the lending process. SBA loans aren’t always the easiest transactions, but when working with Avid we know we have a partner that understands how to make things work and get loans closed.

Danny Mangum

I received a sales call from Avid Commercial about my SBA loan. While initially I was a bit skeptical, I was willing to give them a shot at improving my loan. Much to my surprise, Qurous was nothing but timely, professional, and honest in their approach and execution.

My loan progressed quickly. From the time I signed the LOI to closing was just over 40 days. Avid managed the whole process from the appraisal, underwriting, to title and closing. All my questions were answered quickly as well. Looking back, I’m glad I answered that first sales call and decided to work with Avid.


I’ve worked with Brian at Avid Commercial for the last few years. Originally Brian called me to discuss refinancing my corporate headquarters. We discussed the best long term options for me and decided to refinance out of an SBA into a conventional loan. Brian and Avid understood my needs and worked directly with the SBA on their payoff process (which isn’t the easiest thing to do). I appreciate the opportunity to work with Avid as they were able to structure the best loan for me and the needs of my company.

I have no reservations recommending Brian and Avid Commercial. They are professional, responsive, understanding, and have the ability to cut through the red tape. Much easier than working with a bank.


When Avid Commercial first called me about refinancing, it was the furthest thing from my mind. The last time I looked into getting a new loan, I was told that my property’s value wouldn’t be enough. After a little bit of work, Avid felt confident that not only could they approve my loan, they would work closely with the appraiser to make sure I had the best possible chance to get what we needed.

It all worked out. Avid approved my loan with the exact terms they originally discussed, and my appraisal wasn’t an issue. We closed on a 25 year fixed rate, and now I can spend my time focused on running my business. I wholeheartedly recommend Avid to anyone looking to refinance their building.


Brian and Avid Commercial just wouldn’t give up on us. Brian called us out of the blue to introduce himself and Avid at the perfect time. Our 90,000 sf medical plaza was under construction, but the lender was struggling with their term financing. Brian coordinated our payoffs and worked closely with title and the SBA to approve a loan we’ll never have to worry about again.

Brian and Avid worked through a mountain of paperwork and had some “out of the box” ideas to make our loan work for us. The 25 year fixed rate option was perfect for our group, and the rates/terms were extremely competitive. We’d most definitely work with Avid again should the need arise.

Med West